Zach Bowden


Remax Solutions

2625 Barna Ave Suite E Titusville Fl 32780

Zach moved to the coast in 2002 for a new adventure in Medical sales and truly found his home in Titusville, FL. With a background in performance, an education in the arts and a career in sales; his journey has brought him to this new horizon of intrigue in the fantastic and dynamic world of Real Estate. Zach enjoys working with people and being of service in many different ways; from showing homes, listing homes for sale, contracts and more; sharing a connection with clients to offer them the best value means being, well, “REAL,” about expectations and outcomes. Zach had the extremely fortunate experience of partnering with a team that has such a dynamic and diverse level of experience and ability. He has excelled in his first two years in the business and has learned a great deal about what “Team,” really means in meeting his clients needs, and in the end, goals, for their real estate endeavours. Zach understands what it means to be in the top 10 performing real estate teams for ReMax month-in-and-month-out; this achievement is so much more than strong work ethic and professional goals translating in to success; he believes that community engagement and service are not only an option, but, are mandatory and automatic. Zach loves his community and worka to promote the value of what “local” is by working to create awareness in the form of video production and other efforts. This industry keeps him guessing and flexing his professional and creative muscles everyday; all things being considered, people, clients, buyers, sellers, investors and all folks that become part of this great world of real estate are kind of like the homes and properties themselves; unique in some ways, perfect in other ways and seeking change and improvement in others. Zach functions as consultants to bring the right people to the right properties and consummate a new level of engagement; closing on a new investment!

Zach lives and loves the community and the City of Titusville, to which he calls, “Mayberry on Steriods.” He has been happily married to a member of his Real Estate Team Danielle for 16 years and has two amazing children Van and Vara, 7 and 4. He enjoys just about all things outdoor and can be found hiking, biking, surfing, swimming or just looking at the clouds and day-dreaming (Texting clients simultaneously.)